Thursday, December 13, 2012

Un poco tarde...

     First off I am sorry this letter is way late, for p-day we went to the temple which isn´t open on Mondays, so we had p-day on Tuesday, but i didn´t have time to write that evening, and Wednesday was a very busy day so here i am writing on Thursday haha. 
     Overall it was a good week. We are probably going to have two baptisms this Saturday. Two teenage girls are friends of this less active family we have been visiting; the girls were there one time when we showed up and so we invited them to church and they came to church with the family and they also came to the Mother`s day activity we had (Mother`s Day is December 8th here). We have been teaching them almost every day because they feel that they are progressing really fast. Also they have really helped this less-active family get to church and to the church activities because they always want to go, but they don`t want to go alone so they take the family with them. I`m not sure if they`ll really be baptized on Saturday, because that would be really fast, because i met them for the first time like a week and a half ago, but i`m confident they will be baptized before the end of the year. Their names are Alisson and Gisela. Another bonus is that their families are not members, but the mom of Alisson came to the Mother`s Day activity and was able to make some friends there and enjoyed it, and now Alisson wants to bring her to church on Sunday, so hopefully we can help her and maybe her whole family to get baptized. 
    Today as we were walking to lunch from a meeting we had this lady came out of her house and starting yelling at us to come over, we just thought it was gonna be nothing, as it typically is when people yell at us, but we went there anyway. We got there and she explained how she and her family are members, but inactive and recently moved from Arraijan, and so they don`t know anyone or where the church is but they would like us to visit them and help them to get back to church - especially one young man in the family because he used to be very active, he went to the temple a lot and was preparing for the mission, but something happened and he fell completely out of the church, and is stuck there so they want us to try to help him out, and i`m hoping we can. But also they have another son that is not baptized that would like to be taught and think about joining, and also the husband is not a member so i`m going to find him and see what we can do to bring him into the gospel. I feel like finding this family is a little blessing from God because i`ve been trying to push my comp and I to work harder, and trying to do everything a little better than what we were doing and now i feel like we`re seeing some blessings with the people we have been able to find and the baptisms we might have. 
     We also had a cool experience the other day... In church  on Sunday this lady came up to us and explained how she is a member, but she has not been active along with her husband but that she has now realized the truthfulness of the gospel and is coming back into the church to stay, however her husband feels he is not ready to come back to church.  So she asked us to randomly show up at her house to teach her husband without him knowing that she asked us to make the visit. Anyway we went to her mom´s house first because we didn´t know where she lived, and when we got there the women's  mother told us this couple was out of town, but that her husband (husband of the mom) was home and that she would like us to talk to him because he´s not member and she would like him to join the church. Well, we talked to him and it started out pretty awkward because we don´t know him at all so we looked at the wife to kind of introduce us and help us out; as it turned out, after this bit of awkwardness, it went very well, and we ended up teaching both of them about eternal families and that really made an impact on him. We asked him if he'd like to be with his family forever and eventually by the end of the lesson, we were able to get him to commit to baptism for the end of the month. I´m not sure if he´ll be able to make that goal, because he has a lot of things he needs to do, including come to church, but hopefully we can convert him and help the family become active again. The cool part was just seeing how the thought of eternal families affected him and got him to start thinking about religion.
     That´s cool that USU football is doing so good, too bad they decided to start winning while i am on my mission, i would love to have seen those games, but it still gives me the right to brag a little to all the BYU missionaries here. I´m not sure why the camera card didn´t get through, as far as i know it´s the same address that you guys have been sending things too. Speaking of which i got your Christmas packages and i´ll be honest, i was going to save the wrapped present till Christmas day but then I read the note and it said in it what the present was - so i opened it haha. But i really enjoyed everything, the custom-made pillow case and the USU jersey that came with it plus all the decorations and ties. I plan on buying a little tree soon to put all the decorations on.... but that might make me super trunky, haha - listening to Christmas music alone makes me super trunky. But the good thing is this is my last Christmas here in Panama! And i´m probably going to spend both my mission Christmases in the same city which is fine with me. We have changes the 20th so maybe i´ll get a new comp or maybe they´ll send me somewhere else but i doubt it. 
    So one funny story to finish up... My comp and I were walking to this appointment we had and we had to cross this little river that has a log over it but it´s questionable to cross, or one can slide down on the mud bank to some rocks in the water to cross, well this day i didn´t feel like doing either and i was feeling athletic and confident that i could just jump over it. So i did... and i made it! But while flying through the air i heard this rip, and then I felt a lovely breeze between my legs and i realized that making big jumps in church pants is not such a good idea. When i landed and looked, i had ripped my pants from almost where the zipper is in front to almost touching the belt loop in back. My comp had a field day laughing at me, because he saw it all happen and now i had to make a long walk in the middle of the day to a member´s house so she could fix it. It was super embarrassing, who knows how many people saw me while i was walking because there was no hiding that huge hole, but oh well now it makes for a funny story, and i learned my lesson, you can´t be an Olympic athlete while in church pants. 
     Well i have to sign off now but i´ll soon be writing you again and soon we´ll be skyping face to face. Thanks for all the packages and all the love that they were filled with. The only thing i can think of that i would like right now are more family pictures and some more pictures of me playing football haha - everyone asks for pictures after i say i played football. Well, thanks for everything and i love  and miss you! Take care!
Elder Pfister

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