Monday, December 31, 2012

Todo Cool Mo!!

Q´ Xopa Mo!!
     Well,  it was great to be able to talk to you guys over Skype, it made me super trunky the whole day, but oh well i loved it.  My Christmas present to myself was a thing of Pepperidge Farm cookies which I enjoyed immensely, haha. So on Christmas we first went to breakfast with the branch president, we ate a little bit of pear, apple, orange, mandarina, turkey, jam and cake with hot chocolate and saril, which is this weird flower drink that is spicy. After that we talked to you guys then we went to lunch, where we had cheesy potatoes and turkey. From there we went to a few member´s houses to wish them merry Christmas and they gave us random cakes and goodies. Then we finished the day off with dinner, which was mashed potatoes and gravy and turkey. It was a chill day but it was nice.
    So we´ve had some pretty cool experiences this week. We didn´t really have that many investigators when I got here, so we decided to dedicate ourselves to contacting to find some new ones and we found some pretty positive people. One guy named Jorge we found and we started talking to him and we found out how he was in jail for something, but that while he was in jail he started thinking about life and God and starting reading the Bible and kinda got a new outlook on life and wanted to change things. We explained to him that the best way to start fresh and new was to start clean with God by being baptized, and we asked him if he had been baptized like Jesus taught us and he said, Well no, i was baptized as a child in one church but that´s not like Jesus´ baptism. It was cool because on his own he recognized that his baptism wasn´t valid and that isn´t the way we should be baptized, and he accepted a baptismal date for January.
    Another cool thing is that we contacted this family and started talking to them and the first thing they did was let us in, but then they said, "well we´re part of this certain church and we´re not going to change but we always listen to the word of God." Pretty much everyone from that church says that to us, haha. Well, anyway so we started teaching them about the restoration of the Church and how the authority of God had been lost so people formed their own churches and that´s why we have so many churches today. We explained about Joseph Smith and his question of which church is the true church, and we asked the mom how she thinks that we can find out which church is the true one. She just stood there for a second and said she didn´t know so we explained about prayer and stuff and after that, she was like, "well wait, which church is the true church? Now i wanna know." We gave her something to read to answer her question, and we went back there during the week and in the second visit she also accepted a baptismal date in January.
    The thing about these contacts for me was that at first they were both not very positive initially, and we didn´t think anything was going to come from them, but letting the Spirit touch their hearts, they had their hearts softened and opened and at the end they were both willing to give it the test to see which church is the true one. We also had a new investigator come to church on Sunday, and we have an appointment with her this week to see how she liked it.

    That´s too bad about your Nikon underwater camera, mine is working fine. I really like that it´s water proof and tough because i can take it to service projects and not worry about it or if it´s raining, which it´s always raining here, haha. Speaking of photos, i would like some of the photos in Australia when we went to that lake and Mike and i were rope swinging into it, that was fun and i remember Brit took some fun pics of it. Also any pictures of me skiing. And mostly just pictures of things that you don´t find here, and cool vacations we´ve had. The people here like the pictures of things that don´t exist in this part of the world.

   It´s weird that Mom and Dad are going on a vacation to a tropical hot area to escape the cold, because I get tired of the heat, and i miss the cold haha, Let´s just switch places, it´s super hot here right now. haha. I´m jealous, i wanna go scuba diving and all that stuff, so enjoy it for me!

    Don´t worry about me, as Colon isn´t to dangerous for missionaries, everyone here knows who we are and they usually leave us alone, or just mess with us by yelling stuff, but it´s funny more than dangerous. And of course i´m not going to fight if they rob me, i´ll just give them everything i have, which is usually like 2 bucks haha. Don´t worry, be happy :)
    Well, I gotta go but i know that this is the work of the Lord and that was confirmed to me this week with the great contacts we had this week, as the Lord puts people in our way, we just have to be able to recognize them and then help them on the path to the truth. I love you guys and it was great to get to talk and see your faces, it was great to Brit and her big belly, hahaha. Good luck with all the baby stuff and just remember that you are in my prayers, you all are! Love you and take care!
Elder Pfister

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