Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letter on January 3, 2012

Hey Guys!
Things are going pretty great right now¡ I just got back from a way fun p-day!(that is why i did not write yesterday, we changed p-day so we could go to the temple today).   We woke up early and went to the temple which was awesome! The Panama temple is sweet cuz from the outside its really white in a really green jungle, and then inside the the temple is so quiet and the celestial room is bright and peaceful, while everywhere else in Panama is really noisy and loud- so it was great to be able to sit in peace and quiet. After that we went to a huge mall in Panama City and ate lunch and stuff there and shopped around; they have so many stores! It was fun fun fun in the sun. Anyway then we went to this causeway and rode bikes there and took pictures and just relaxed. It was sweet!  Then we went to a bridge off the Canal and took more photos and messed around. Overall it was a way sweet day!!
So other good news is that we might have 5 baptisms coming up soon, a family of 4 and Rodney who didn't show the last time we scheduled him for baptism . We have been working to get this family baptized for a while but they needed to get married, and to get married they had to pass a physical. The doctor who did it, who is a member, lost the results the first time, and the second time put the wrong name on the paperwork so there was tons of confusion with some other random person in Panama, so anyway the results took about 2 weeks to get which was a pain, but we finally have that step done so we are working on their marriage this week! 
To answer some questions:  we can play soccer on p-days if we want to, we usually do things as a zone or at least as a district so whatever everyone wants to do. We had another 'no water day' in town but it was when we were out working and the water was on by the time we returned. We do laundry at a laundry-mat a few blocks away from our house. But there are no dryers so we have to carry our wet laundry home to dry... no fun.   We have district meetings and zone meetings on Tuesday mornings (not on p-day). First we have zone meeting then we split into districts. We have 4 elders and 2 hermanas in our district and there are 3 districts in our zone with the same number, so we have 20 people in our zone; one district might have 4 companionships... not sure, but 20 in our zone and we are pretty big for Panama i have heard. We go on splits once a week. Our area is big, it takes about an hour or so to walk from one end to the other and i think that it coincides with our ward boundaries too, that is why it is tough to get some people to church because they live so far away.  My feet are sore and tired but fine, no problems. And i think we walk probably 10 miles a day, not really sure. Depends on how much tracting we do. And nope, no sick days from the food or anything yet :)
I am very grateful to everyone for everything and all the support you guys give me! I am glad you had a great Christmas and i hope a great New Years! I love you guys very much and miss and pray for you everyday!
Les Amo Mucho!!
Elder Pfister

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