Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elder Pfister's first email (excerpts)

The MTC is going well. I was kinda discouraged at the beginning but I'm good now. The Lord has blessed me to keep me busy and focused. Spanish is going really well and I'm learning so much so fast. SO much faster than i expected. we're in class usually 6 hours a day just for spanish and more gospel and teaching techniques. So much work and so little time to study. We are so busy here and usually it's good busy but sometimes it's just boring busy. My campanion is Elder Atuake and he's a Tongan. He's way cool, I like him. My whole district is pretty cool, no really weird or annoying ones. My P-Days are going to be on Fridays, different the first week.

I have learned to meet someone, pray and bear my testimony in Spanish, not enough time left today but will testify in Spanish soon!

Exercising is easy here, they have gym time. My companion and I rocked the field at soccer yesterday.

There is a website called They allow you to write me a letter on their site and they print them off here and give them to me that day. I would appreciate if you could do that because then I can get and read your letters during the week and think of what to reply to you before I'm on the computer because we only have 30 minutes a week. And it's kinda tough to reply in that time.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! I can use as many as you can afford to give me. I miss you guys, wish I would've spent more time with you when I could've. I've seen Speedy, Jake Mortenson, Derek Larson, Micheal Francis and some other guys from home here but not really any time to talk to them. Don't worry about me too much, I'm doing fine. Getting up early hasn't really been too hard... yet.

Love you guys so much!! Missing all of you but starting to enjoy it here! They say the first week is the worst so it should get better!
Love Devin!

P.S. Packages are great!

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