Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/2011 Letter from the MTC

Buenos dias!
Hey everyone, still doing fine, in fact the time here is flying! I can't believe I've already been here over a week. The days feel so long but the weeks feel short. On tuesday for our devotional we had apostle Richard G. Scott come talk to us. We have a 70, 12 or 1st pres. member every week! He talked about always being ready for spiritual signs... and more but there was too much and there's too little time to write.

So my companion is Elder 'Atuake. He's from The big island of Tonga. He's way buff but shorter than me, he says all he did in Tonga was lift and eat. He's pretty really quiet because English is his second language and he's not that good at English. But once you get to know him, he becomes the typical Tongan who's really loud and hyper. He's pretty funny too, always saying things like, "Oh, he's a Samoan, In Tonga we hate Samoans and we fight and beat them up with our muscles. But now, i am a missionary, i love him. I wait to beat him up till i get home." haha all sorts of things like that. And apparently it's disrespectful to not eat when someone else is eating in Tonga. Another Tongan was chillin in our room and i gave him a treat and he said, you eat too? and i said i wasn't hungry but thanks and he explained that in Tonga that would be really disrespectful. Maybe that's why all Tongans are huge. He's very spiritual once you can understand him. He's really knowledgeable about the scriptures and stuff. Once he learns how to speak Spanish, he'll be a great missionary. He's struggling to learn it though and i don't blame him, learning a new language through a second language. He's cool I like him.

The Spanish they are teaching us is overwhelming. but I'm slowly getting it.

So i got some cereal today but realized i didn't have normal milk so i thought of [Mike] and tried it with chocolate milk and [he's] right, it was pretty good! i also had to eat it with a knife which was kinda challenging.

A few days ago the branch pres. came and talked to us and said i could probably use a haircut so I'm getting one later today. They gave us a spanish dictionary and tons of spanish grammar books and i bought one too. My sunday schedule is full of meets and devotionals and a movie. I don't have the schedule with me right now but next time I'll give more details. Because it's fall we have to wear our suit everyday which is really annoying. You should be proud, i haven't missed a day in my journal yet. it's easy here to write during quiet time. I've been taking some pictures, i'll try to get more in. I'm not sure if i can email them to you from the MTC, but once i get out i bet i can. I can print some though, would you want me to mail you some pictures?
I really enjoyed your scripture of the day, thanks! I wish i could've have seen the tarantella, that sounds cool. Also being right next to the big mountains makes me wanna hike everytime i see them. I'm jealous you guys got to hike in southern utah.

well i'm out of time, they don't give nearly enough.
Remind everyone they can mail me through (for free)!

Thanks for everything! I love and miss you!
-Elder Pfister

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