Monday, August 26, 2013

La vida es buena!

Meto! (famous saying here in Chiriqui)
   Well, first things first, i`m feeling a lot better, nearly completely better so don`t worry. I went on some hardcore drug that this doctor gave me, and it made me super, super sleepy every day - and i was falling asleep in appointments and everywhere.  It was embarrassing but it worked so it was worth it because i`m better now. 
    So news on all our peeps... R_____a and S____ are progressing towards their goal of baptism for this Saturday; i put a picture of them on Skydrive and pics of the dinner they gave us. A very typical dinner here with patacones (fried and smashed plantains, pretty much a Latin french fry), a hot dog, a salad which was tomato and lettuce plus some aguacate this time. Anyway, so we announced their baptism this week in church, and we forgot to tell them that we were going to do that and they were really surprised to suddenly hear their names in sacrament meeting, but it all worked out, and it`s as sure as it can be that they are getting baptized this Saturday. They really are our golden investigators because since day one they have been progressing and understanding everything and they prayed and accepted a fecha the first lesson. 
   With M_____l it`s not so good... So we put a baptismal fecha with him, but when we asked his mom she apparently got offended because she felt that we were pressuring him;  we do push a little but with him we didn`t really push because he already had come to church for 8 Sundays, and he had told us he wanted to get baptized. We just had to ask him in front of his mom to get permission from her because he is not 18. Well i`m not sure what it was but i think they have very anti-Mormon neighbors, actually we know that but we think that the neighbors are telling them bad things about the church, because all of the sudden his mom won`t let M_____l go to church or even talk with us and when we go over they pretend to not be home.  We went over to apologize with sodas and other stuff but nothing worked.
    We have the two super smart girls named W____ and H____ that we are teaching but they are always involved in recitals or some activity and so we have lost contact with them for a week or so but we have an appointment today with them, and a we'll take a few young women from the ward to make friends with them. They could very easily be baptized on the 7th of Sept so we`ll see if they accept. 
    Also there is this lady named Z____ who has been going to church for a few months, but is living with this guy who didn't`t want to get married, so she couldn`t be baptized - but now all of a sudden after lots of prayer and fasting on her part, he suddenly left her. She had been praying for an answer because lately he hadn`t been letting her go to church and she didn`t know what to do, but the Lord helped by getting him out of her life so that she can not only go to church but be baptized too, so we put the goal for that baptism for the 7th of Sept because she is gone this whole week working or else we would just have baptized her this weekend, she`s so ready ha ha. 
   I think that`s all the big news for this week. Thanks for the recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip bread;  we are going to make it with our dinner on Sunday. Thanks for looking up all that stuff for USU, the closer going home gets the more stressful it gets too, ha ha. Mom I hope you had a great birthday and that you got my birthday email. 
   Everything is going great for me here, i think we can have lots of success here in the ward, we are really gaining the confidence of the members and they are helping out alot. I know that this is the work of the Lord because every time i testify of the truthfulness of it, which i do alot as a missionary, the Spirit testifies to me and my own testimony grows as well. This gospel is the best thing in the world, and I`m glad i was born into it and that i can help people to find it and enjoy the same blessings it offers to all. I love you guys, take care and say hi to everyone for me!
Elder Pfister

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