Monday, July 8, 2013

Gran semana

    Well guys, to start off i just gotta say that the bbq ribs that you guys had on the 4th of July looked amazing!! i got really jealous looking at the pictures, delicious mouth-watering ribs with watermelon and fam, what more could you ask for! 
    Here is Chiriqui things are going great! We have had positive progress with pretty much all of our investigators and i mostly just have good news. But before i forget i'd like to ask a favor.... we are yet again stuck without a cook for lunch and we decided to just cook at home because it is healthier and less of a pain but i'm getting bored with my normal meals that i make everyday and i was just wondering if you guys could send me a few recipes of simple meals that are cheap and easy to make but tasty of course! All we have is a little electric stovetop thing and a blender. 
    Ok, so last week i forgot to mention this one family that we are also teaching. A_____ is the husband, I___ the wife and they have two younger kids. Last week we taught them about marriage, because they are not married, and baptism and I____ told us that she is down with it - she wants to get married and baptized but.... A____ no. What happened is that when we found them they had alot ALOT of marital problems and the only reason they were together was for the kids. They had both cheated on each other multiple times and it was a mess. They decided to listen to us because their neighbors also had lots of problems in their marriage, but Elder Reed and his past comp taught them and they fixed all those problems and got baptized - so A____ and I____ decided to give us a shot. So this week I____ was way positive but A_____ not positive, and to make it worse we had set up an interview with the bishop for them and they didn't even show up to church.... We were way bummed out, so we asked the bishop if he could come with us to teach them (running out of time, going to long story, short mode) we had a meeting so we got there to their house late, the Bishop had already talked to them and said that now they both wanted to get married and baptized on the 27 of July - which pretty much means our Bishop is a boss and used his priesthood to work a miracle with them. But it's actually a secret, A_____ doesn't want I____ to know yet that he wants to get married. More details later in another letter, because it's a really cool story, but I don't have time to share it. 
    D_____, J_____, her son and E___ all came to church again and are progressing. J____ after church told us that she wants to meet with us sometime when her husband isn't there to talk without him. I have no idea what it will be that she wants to talk about, but i'm really anxious to find out. 
    We have this other part member family that is close to wanting to be baptized. J___ is the mom, and she has two children, one is already a great member but the other is not a member. Her problem is that she works from 6 to 8 then comes home to take care of her mom and children and do all the house work because she is a single mom. The Relief Society promised to help us out there, more to come on this story. 
    We took the sacrament to this really old lady this week who is pretty much gone, she is days from passing on and you can tell when you see her. The cool thing is that she can hardly say a word, but after we gave her a blessing she started bearing her testimony, and she said that she knows that Jesus lives and that Jesus and Heavenly Father are waiting for her to come home and all "in the name of jesucristo amen." It wasn't a long testimony but coming from her it was a miracle, everyone there in the home that works with her was completely surprised she could say that and it was amazing to hear! It brought such a strong spirit hearing her say that. She will be well received in heaven because she has been strong in the church her whole life.
   Well that is all that time permits for now... have a great time in China and be safe! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and had a good time for the 4th of July, we did too with fireworks and burgers, but not quite as good as your ribs haha. Take care and i love and miss you!
Elder Pfister

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