Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicheme algien?

    Well I got changed but i´m a little sad because they sent me back to La Chorrera where i started my mission and where i spent last Christmas - so i´m going to be spending both of my Christmases here. But i´m not really that bummed because i like my new area (different area than the first time) and my comp and everything is good for now. My area is called Barrio Centro and i´m in the zone of Chichemito. My comp is Saul Xicotencatl Luciano from Mexico City. He has 5 months on the mission, got here with my son (new missionary that I trained) actually. My DL is Elder Brown my old comp from Juan Diaz, and the zone i am in is cool so i´m excited about this change. We don´t have a ton of investigators but we hit the ground running with the work. We are hopefully going to have a baptism this Saturday (makes up for the baptism i left in Penonome); he is a young man and he is really cool, & he came to some activities with us and i like him so it´ll be fun to baptize him. We have a few other people that Elder Luciano says could be baptized here in December so we´ll be working with them. The ward here is pretty cool, normal i guess, but there are some cool spiritual families that i hope to work with to set up family home evenings with our investigators.
    So to go to a new area the missionaries always travel by bus to all the areas so if you have to go to Bocas del Toro, it´s a 13 hour bus ride. Luckily Chorrera is only an hour away from Panama City. If a missionary is in Bocas or David and is going to a new area that is close to those cities, they don´t go to changes (i.e, meeting) in Panama City,  they just go to their new area so that they don´t waste time traveling so much.
   This week there are no real holidays, people here are aware of Thanksgiving day but they don´t celebrate it. I don´t think i´ll be having a delicious meal this year unless the one gringo in the ward invites me over, if he still remembers that it´s Thanksgiving haha. Last year in the MTC they feed us very well, and we got to watch a movie and other things, so it was chill; this year i imagine i will be walking the streets working on T-day, haha. As for what Mom has heard about the MTC being long for missionaries,  in looking back on it i really enjoyed the MTC and it didn´t feel that long to me.
   That´s awesome that USU is ranked in the Top 25 in football now, i can brag it up here now since most people here went to BYU. Too bad i´m not there to enjoy it too, hopefully they will continue this great run in football when i get home.
    So one thing you might notice is that my comp is really obedient (which is good, don´t get me wrong) and i want to keep it that way so now i am only going to be using an hour of internet instead of an hour and half  which is what i used to take to write you so my letters might be a littler shorter, but i´ll try to get in all the good stuff but just so you know why they are not as long or detailed. With that i have to finish up now, but i hope to have some good stories for you in the upcoming weeks about our adventures but until then take care and i love you!
Elder Pfister

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